4 Tips to Choose the Best Wine for Your Dinner


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Finding a wine that complements and contrasts the flavors of your dinner can elevate your evening meal to a true dining experience.

Acidic food

Acidic food requires an acidic wine. If you pair a high acidity dinner with a low acidity wine, the food will overpower the wine. You won’t even be able to enjoy the taste of the drink.

Salty food

A salty dinner with a sweet wine is a timeless combination that almost never fails. The sweet wine helps cut the salt in the dish. On the other hand, the saltiness will highlight the pleasant taste of the wine.

burgers - 4 Tips to Choose the Best Wine for Your Dinner

Fatty food

When it comes to fatty dishes, there are plenty of fabulous choices in the world of wines. Think about the perfect combination between a steak and a dry and bitter red wine. You can also go with acidic wines as they help cut the fat. Additionally, acidic wines go flawlessly with desserts as well. Our final suggestion is a wine with higher alcohol content. You should go at a slow pace with these. They are meant for dinners that are extremely rich in flavor.

The same region

Another way to make a great pairing is to choose food and wine from the same region. This alternative often works very well. For instance, an Italian dish with an Italian wine is almost sure to be a fantastic dining experience, as the flavors complement each other impeccably.

Take these suggestions into account when shopping for the perfect bottle of wine.

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