10 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Your Recipes


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Have you ever stopped yourself from making a delicious recipe because you didn’t have the necessary appliances? Go through this checklist and get your kitchen properly stocked.


A skillet is absolutely indispensable. You’ll use it for beef, vegetables, eggs, sandwiches, and everything in between. It’s without a doubt the most used appliance for stovetop meals. 12-inch+ skillets, made of stainless steel and with a no-stick interior are the ultimate option.

Stock pot - 10 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Your Recipes

Stock pot

A staple of any true kitchen, the stock pot will let you cook pasta, potatoes, stews and soups. The best ones are thick and resistant with a multi-ply design to hold in heat. Make sure they come with a lid.

Slow cooker

The slow cooker is incredibly versatile. They make it so easy to cook the richest meals. Basically, you just have to throw your ingredients and wait.

Saucepan - 10 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Your Recipes


Essentially, the saucepan is the medium-sized version of the stock pot. You can use it for soups and vegetables or for simpler meals of smaller portions.

Mixing bowls

Every kitchen should have a set of at least three medium to large bowls for mixing ingredients. The ones with lids are great as they can also be used for storage and serving.

Sheet tray

To cook in the oven, the sheet tray is the popular solution. And rightfully so. A good sheet tray is truly adaptable. It helps you make pizza, cookies and finger foods. They can also be slid under roasting trays to save from dripping. The tray should be large and durable.

Knife set

A great set of knifes will be one of your biggest allies in the kitchen. Look for one that comes in a knife block for easy, safe and visually pleasing storing. The ultimate knife set must include at least a large chef’s knife for slicing, a paring knife for more meticulous tasks, a serrated knife to cut bread and tough fruits and a honing steel to properly sharpen the knifes. A high-quality knife set can last you decades.

spatula - 10 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Your Recipes


A spatula has practically endless uses. Therefore, it’s a must. You’ll be constantly using it so, get a spatula that is durable and sturdy. Ideally, you should have a set of spatulas of different sizes.

Measuring cups

Have you ever seen a kitchen without the classic pyrex measuring cup? You probably haven’t because it is completely essential. Although you should also have measuring spoons, the cups measure larger quantities. They are microwavable and usually come with a pour spout. That way, you can melt some ingredients and pour them right into the mix.

Cutting board

You can do your cutting and slicing without a cutting board but it will ruin your knifes and your countertops. Have a set of cutting boards to prepare different foods.

Did you check what’s missing from your kitchen? Go get it while you think about your next amazing recipe.

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