7 DIY Jewelry Tips You Should Know


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Do you wish to delve into DIY jewelry? These seven tips will launch you on the right track.

Start with only one type of jewelry

The range of possibilities in DIY jewelry can be both exciting and overwhelming. So, begin with just one kind of jewelry. For instance, you can choose by material, from clay to glass and metal to beads. Once you feel comfortable, you can try out a wide array of options.

Become an expert at the basic skills

Many skills apply to any type of jewelry you decide to create. You’ll have to be able to properly open and close a jump ring, as well as to form a wire loop. Once you learn these and other skills, be sure they will accompany you along the way.

Work with top-quality tools

Yes, it will require a bit of a monetary investment. The stuff you can steal from your toolbox will probably get the work done, but you’ll see that more adequate tools make the process a lot easier and the end result a lot better. In the long term, the tools you buy will totally pay for themselves. If they’re durable, each piece you create will be really inexpensive.

jewelry hand - 7 DIY Jewelry Tips You Should Know

Get a stock

We suggest you buy all the supplies you need at a craft store rather than online. It’s better that you see and touch them before purchasing. You’ll be able to choose exactly what you want. Once you learn what every supply looks like and does you can totally buy online.

Design a dedicated work space

Your family and yourself will turn crazy if you have your supplies scattered everywhere in the house. It wastes time and efficiency. Having a specific work space makes your projects less stressful and enhances your concentration.

Choose a room or a table. Sort your supplies and label them. Boxes with dividers are perfect for storing your jewelry-making utensils. Having a system will allow you to be more productive and peaceful.

Learn the terms

Before you purchase anything, get familiar with the lingo. Make sure you understand how to use your supplies. That involves knowing exactly what they are. What are findings? And what is the difference between an eye pin and a head pin? There are just a few of the many terms you’ll cross paths with.

Get inspired

Look for inspiration in everything you see. Check out the jewelry that your favorite clothing and accessories stores are selling. Search for DIY jewelry on social media and on blogs. You can even watch amazing tutorials that guide you through every single step. You can get ideas from virtually anything aesthetically pleasing that you encounter, including colors, styles and textures.

At the end of the day, you want to start making your own jewelry to have fun and relax. So, stay positive, don’t quit after failures and take risks with your creations.

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