The 5 Best House Plants and How to Take Care of Them



Just because you don’t have a garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the ambience inside the house. Take a look at five of the best indoor plants.


These indoor plants are very popular and originate from Colombia. They have long, dark-green leaves with a leathery texture and produce red, pink or white gorgeous flowers that last for weeks and are shaped like a heart.

To bloom, the anthurium requires bright but indirect light. The soil must be kept moist from spring to fall and a little drier during winter. It can grow to 48 inches tall. The plant will be much healthier if you fertilize it every two weeks during spring and summer with phosphorus liquid fertilizer.


These perennial plants form colorful rosettes and are pretty low maintenance. They need medium to bright light, although not directly, and do great in pots with fast drainage. You should water the bromeliad by filling the central cup once a week during spring and summer. In fall and winter, do it less regularly.

Bromeliad - The 5 Best House Plants and How to Take Care of Them

To prevent water stagnation, you need to flush it frequently. Once per season, you can drop a fertilizer with slow release into the cup or mix it with the soil.

Devil’s ivy

The devil’s ivy is also known as golden pothos. It’s a fast-growing vine perfect for anywhere in the house. They are really adaptable and can be potted in glass vases, hanging baskets and practically everywhere else you can think of. They are incredibly low maintenance and yet are one of the most stunning house plants.

The coloring of the leaves can range from cream and gray to yellow and green. The devil’s ivy doesn’t require regular watering or fertilization. Water it deeply once a week in the warmer seasons and every two weeks during winter. In the summer, you should prune the plant and place the cuttings in glass jars with water for them to create roots.

Maidenhair fern

The maidenhair fern can make a truly beautiful addition to your home. The leaves are light green, feathery and shiny. The plant is perfect for hanging. Taking care of the maidenhair fern requires a bit of your time and attention. The light should be moderate and they grow well in warm spaces with a bit of humidity.

Maidenhair fern - The 5 Best House Plants and How to Take Care of Them

A great hack is placing a saucer with pebbles beneath the pot. Pour water on the saucer to just bellow the top of the pebbles. As the water evaporates, it produces a humid microclimate around the maidenhair fern.

Mass cane

The mass cane is great for beginners. It grows up to 59 feet tall and has long green leaves with stripes of yellow. It’s arguably the best option if you’re looking for a large home plant.

The light should be indirect but bright, although the mass cane tolerates low lighting. Water it once a week. But be aware of something very important. The mass cane is toxic to cats and dogs. So, if you have pets, this is definitely not the plant for you.

So, which one of these plants will be the first one you decorate your indoors with?

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