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Your home is the place where you feel most comfortable. It is where you relax after a day of work or work after a day of fun outside. It has all your most precious belongings and all your most beloved memories.

That is why the team behind My Chic Life decided to create a home focused blog that would not revolve exclusively around tips on decoration, cleaning, gardening or repairs. We know your home is somewhere you receive friends, host parties and engage in hobbies.

My Chic Life assumes itself not only as a home blog, but also as a lifestyle blog. It is ultimately the new number one source for fun, interesting, diverse, complete and innovative content for every homeowner lifestyle adopter.

Yes, you will find pieces with homecare tips. Admit it, that is what you often find yourself searching online. But you will also find articles to help you prepare amazing cocktails, choose the perfect bottle of wine or make your own jewelry.

My Chic Life teaches you how to take care of your home, but also how to care for you within that personal and happy place.

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