Should You Have a Water Filtration System in your Home?


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Do you want to understand why you should start using a water filtration system in your home? Well, you’ve come to the right article, read on about the benefits connected to using filtered water at home discussed below and see if it proves to you why you should invest in a water filtration unit.

A water filtration system is a unit that filters out pollutants and particles from water. This kind of unit can help you be able to successfully get rid of particles, bacteria, sediment, and chlorine taste among other unwanted things on the water flowing on your home.  However, since currently there are different types of water filtration units available in the market, it is appropriate you know the factors distinguishing one from the other so that you can be sure which kind will suit your filtration needs accordingly.

Also, because the market niche for water filtration systems has both original and quality units and the fake or unreliable ones, ensure the product you purchase is from a legit trader with reliable items. Therefore, it is important you do not rush into buying the system as you may secure a product which might eventually cause more harm than good. Take your time and research so that you can locate a reputable trader of water filtration systems that will ensure the unit you get is original and helpful in a variety of ways.

Common Elements that can be Removed by a Water Filtration System from the Water in your Home


The water that flows in your taps is unfiltered and hence may be having contents of aluminum. Consuming water reach in aluminum more often can expose you to certain disorders including skin issues, Alzheimer’s disease, and liver disorder among others. Since prevention is always is better than a cure, it’s vital you consider using a water filtration unit in your home so that you and the other people in your house can avoid becoming victims of such disorders.


Unfiltered water running from your taps can contain arsenic which is very dangerous once in penetrates into a person’s body system. Arsenic is a powerful carcinogenic which can cause different kinds of cancer. Installing a water filtration unit is a suitable way of eliminating arsenic from your tap water.


Fluoride is another product that can be found in unfiltered water. Despite fluoride having the capacity of enhancing your oral health, the product is linked also to a wide variety of health issues including cellular damage which accelerates aging and weakening the immune system among others.

Disinfection Byproducts

Disinfection Byproducts or DBPs are elements that are harmful, which arise from the disinfection of water with chlorine. Chlorine is considered a very powerful carcinogenic. DBPs can cause severe health concerns once they penetrate in your system.

The aforementioned elements are some of the harmful products you will most likely get from your tap water if you are not using a filtration unit. It is vital you avoid being a victim of the various side effects they cause by buying and installing a water filtration unit in your home.

How a Water Filtration System Works

Water filtration units have a filter that utilizes two different tactics of eliminating dirt. The first tactic on how filters in water filtration units remove dirt is physical filtration. Physical filtration involves straining water in order to eliminate larger impurities.

Another technique of filtering water is chemical filtration. Chemical filtration is where water is passed via an active material which chemically eliminates impurities by preventing them from passing through.

Once you purchase a water filtration unit, if you think you cannot install it accordingly on your own, it is vital you consider cooperating with a reputable plumber to help you in installing it in your home. The plumber will install the water filtration unit you purchase in a strategic place whereby the main water connection enters your home. This will ensure you are having clean, filtered water always available in all your household faucets, appliances and outlets which is safe for drinking and using for other purposes including bathing.

Other Benefits of Using a Water Filtration System at Home

Apart from utilizing a water filtration unit so that you can protect yourself and the other people in your home from the various dangerous elements that can trigger outbreak of diseases, there are other ways you can benefit by installing the system in your home including:

1. Protecting Home Appliances

Municipal water supplies can contain other types of unwanted contaminants which may spoil your home appliances. For instance, the unfiltered water running in your home may likely have microscopic metal deposits which can significantly reduce the lifespan of your different appliances including water heater, shower heads and faucets among others, raise your energy bills as well as cause your clothes to wear out easily.

It is vital you maintain your home appliances by installing a water filtration unit (here are some great examples of countertop water filtration systems) as it will help in making them stand the test of time and serve you for longer periods.

2. Water that Smells and Tastes Better

If the water coming from your tap is having a funny smell or taste, it means it is contaminated with bacteria, chlorine as well as other contaminants. To avoid encountering an unusual smell and taste from your home water, it is vital you use a water filtration system. A water filtration unit will ensure you are always having not only water that is clean and pure, but also free from bad smells and tastes.

3. Installing a Water Filtration Unit is a Cost-Effective Approach

Some people believe that purchasing bottled water from the supermarket is a better and cost-effective idea over installing a water filtration unit in their respective homes. This is not true. Buying and installing a water filtration unit in your home will only expose you with a onetime cost unlike purchasing bottled water where you will always have to make frequent trips to the supermarket in order to purchase them.


As you have seen, in addition to using a water filtration unit to protect your well-being and of your family from various diseases, there are other ways you will benefit by buying and installing the system in your home. Therefore, if you are not using a water filtration unit in your home, ensure you look for one immediately and get it installed accordingly so that you can begin reaping the merits it offers.

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